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E Ink Carta™ 1100/1200
The gold standard for eReaders, eNotes, Transportation Signage, Wearables and so much more.




E Ink Carta™ 1100/1200

E Ink Carta™ 1100 and 1200 deliver a 20% increase in response time over E Ink Carta™ 1000, and an 15% improvement in the contrast ratio. E Ink Carta 1100 and 1200 offer the same benefits low power, paper-like attributes as Carta 1000, and faster response times enables smoother handwriting and animation on ePaper displays.

E Ink Carta 1000, 1100 and 1200 support the Regal™ technology for image updates. Regal virtually eliminates the need for a full refresh, giving the viewer smoother viewing transitions.

E Ink Carta 1000, 1100 & 1200 modules consist of a TFT (thin film transistor), Ink layer and Protective Sheet. In addition, product designers can include a touch solution, which is incorporated into the module stack. E Ink offers digitizer and capacitive touch solutions. Digitizer touch technology utilizes a stylus to update the display, with the touch sensor sitting under the TFT. Capacitive touch technology utilizes finger swipes, and is placed on top of the display module. E Ink's touch solutions will not affect the reflectivity of the display.


E Ink Carta 디스플레이는 다음을 포함한 다양한 동적 컨텐츠 애플리케이션에 이상적이다

• 전자책

• 모바일 기기(스마트폰, 휴대 전화 케이스)

• 전자 가격 표시기(ESL)

• 웨어러블 전자 장치

• 의료 및 피트니스 정보 장치

• 디지털 간판 (대형 및 소형)